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Who we are

Iyisal Nigeria Limited (RC 1375705) is a Nigerian company dedicated to the promotion of whole natural produce. Started in November 21st, 2016 to source, promote and market organic fresh farm produce to the local Nigerian market and export internationally.

Over the years, we have developed large hectares of farmlands where we grow, harvest, and process raw unrefined Shea butter, organically grow crops such as Yam, Olives, Locust Beans and the finest of natural products like Black Soap.

Our goal is to become Nigeria’s top one stop online store for everything organic whole food and natural beauty products.

Our Mission Statement

To ease the challenge of finding natural, whole healthy foods and personal care products.

To create awareness, promote healthy living and life style.

To provide chemical-free natural produce and products for our Nigerian audience.

Our Core Value

At the core of what we do, how we do things and our company culture lays these unchanging values. They are the beacon that informs our decision on: every supplier we work with; every company policies, and all the products we stock.

  • We thrive to produce and sell high quality whole produce and beauty products
  • We create awareness and promote healthy lifestyle in our community.
  • Strict compliance to environmental sustainability through implementing only environmentally sustainable farming best practices.
  • Maintain storage best practices – we strive to maintain the highest standards in storing and transporting our produce to ensure they are in optimal state.
  • Team work – we believe that collaborative team work is at the heart of our operations and success as a business. From fostering a mutual goal-oriented relationship with our clients to ensuring a work environment that feeds off the collective effort of our team.

Our Quality Assurance Processes

  • We diligently evaluate each and every produce we sell.
  • We carry only foods we believe in – Organic, whole and natural foods that support health and well-being.
  • All the featured products on our website are preservatives free, zero color, flavors and any other artificial additives free.

What we do

We provide Organic, Whole foods to both the Nigeria and International Market. We grow, source and supply high quality, natural farm produce including Unrefined 100% Shea Butter, Locust Beans, Non-fertilizer grown yams, etc.

We have the capacity and resources to deliver high volume orders for B2B buyers on a monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis.

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